High Range 4WD Club of SA Inc.


Mambray July '14

Imagine this you are driving through a cobbled creek bed, long dried up but still full of interesting artefacts, lined by old gnarled gum trees, the sky blue, the day hot. You come out of the creek bed and wind your way through countryside dotted with Spinifex, salt bush and majestic ancient gum trees. The first spring wild flowers are starting to show their beautiful colours. Butterflies dart amongst the flowers and further along you startle a group of wallabies, resting under a shady tree.

If you are lucky and looking skywards, you will spy a pair of wedgies lazily gliding on the wind, searching for their prey below. You approach an ancient gorge and gaze up at the sheer red cliffs and spot aboriginal art. You park the cars and clamber through the gorge, climbing higher and higher until you reach the peak and gaze at the spectacular view below you. All the while you are listening to the banter and chatter of your companions, punctuated by children’s laughter and inquisitive questions. Negotiating the steep terrain is made easier, there is the offer of a helping hand, always eager to help.

Once out of the gorge, you meander through the rocky terrain, through more creek beds, along dusty trails and through secret gum tree lined lanes, making your way to the campsite, where you will idle away the evening, around the campfire. You gaze at the Milky Way, marvelling at how much brighter the stars and how clear the night sky is. When everybody is sleeping you listen to the silence of the bush and you are happy.

This is just one of the experiences we have encountered whilst exploring a homestead/station in the Flinders Ranges.

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